Sunday, 19 June 2011

New Playground at Blaxland Riverside Park

Hubby has been going bike riding around Olympic Park and noticed a new playground that was really large, and was saying we should take the kids there.  He took the kids there with my sister in law and her son, and they had a great time.

So today, weather was good so we set out to go to the park.  I was quite excited to see it because they had photos from last time and the kids looked like they really enjoyed it.

So here are some pictures of what they have at the park.

Directly opposite the car park is this section, with swings, a small net for climbing, balance poles, and a round swing which can sit a few children on it.  Erika likes climbing on the cargo net.

Further afield there are these great slides, 5 in total.  There are also rock climbing hand holds to go up the hill as well, which is great fun for adults as well as the children with some climbs more challenging than others.

Just next to the slides is this cool round dish, which spins around, and can seat quite a number of children.

Next to the round spinning dish are two tunnels, which are great for the kids to crawl through, though Julian can get through it standing upright still.  Hard on the knees though!

This awesome cargo net looks a bit advanced but Erika did climb a little bit on this "spider web" coming from the shortest climb (shown closest here, the black net) and managed to get to almost to the other climb up (on the far side of the net) but slipped and got scared so I had to climb up and go get her.

These two things are quite cool and I haven't seen them in a park before.  Thre is a flying fox on the left, and here on the right is a big rope swing where multiple people can sit on it and swing.


  1. Fabulous! Thanks for posting about that. I've been looking for photos to see what it's like and the Olympic Park website is hopeless!

  2. @mandalj - thx for dropping by and glad it was useful! Go check it out - the kids love it.

  3. Going next week. Just showed hubby your photos and he's unhappy he has to work!