Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Julian is a monkey!

My son is such a monkey now!  He pushes the dining room chairs around now so he can climb things - a classic is where he pushes it over to his high chair so he can climb into his high chair.  He has also pushed it over to the benches so he can play with the rice cooker, or the fruit bowl.  Unfortunately he has been trying to climb out of  his high chair too which has resulted in a number of falls.

He is also able to blow!  I was blowing a piece of toilet paper and then he tried to do it as well.  Cute!

Just think he'll be 17 months in 9 days.  I wish he'd start talking!  He only says mama, baba as the recognizable sounds, the other things he says are just nonsense gah, ka, buh noises.

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