Tuesday, 1 March 2011

More milestones for Erika and Julian

Julian has started making the kissing noise!  He is so cute when he makes the kiss noise, I've been making a huge fuss over it so he does it more.  I took a video of it in the car but it is super shaky.

This morning I was making Erika's breakfast and he went and got the dining room chair, pushed it over to the island bench and stood on it and started stirring Erika's porridge.  My little baby is now such a little boy!

Erika has started jumping from a height today with assistance.  I saw Andrew doing it one time when I went to visit K and J, and I was impressed, but it's obviously an age thing.  So I got her to jump from the bed to the floor holding my hand and she did it.  She is quoting Dora incessantly and Dora is her favourite TV show at the moment.

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