Friday, 18 March 2011

Just one of those days

Feel like nothing went right today!  Didn't start of well, I was late waking up to go to the private.  Quickly checked my emails and found that I still didn't receive the quote for my list today so that made me grouchy.  Drove to the private and the road that I normally go on was blocked so I had to go a different way.  In the end I turned up at the same time as the surgeon.  Then I couldn't find my patients and I was anxious about it because one of them was a particularly sickly elderly lady who uses home oxygen 16 hours of the day.  So I didn't get to see any of my patients preoperatively

So she's the first case of the day.  I went to look for her on the ward and she was already down in theatres.  So I was tossing up whether to put a block or not and I thought yes I should and use the ultrasound.  Now I'm not crash hot with the ultrasound and I had some difficulty with it and was about to give it away and just go back to using the nerve stimulator but as soon as my assistant left the room I thought I got it... but when I injected it, it wasn't that convincing.  That was about half an hour of stuffing around.

So we came into the room and her drip half fell out.  I managed to save it and ran to get a dressing for it to stick it down but she moved her hand and it fell out again... so I had to put another drip.

So put in another drip.  Then they didn't put the drape on properly so my patient got all wet and cold and then her ECG fell off coz she was wet.  I couldn't find it and so I had to wait for my anaesthetic assistant to come back to tell me where he'd put it.

Which was another point, today's assistant was just crappy.  Eyes not taped, drips not connected, no blankets on patients so they were all cold...  he did what he was told but I shouldn't have to tell about those things, really.

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