Monday, 5 April 2010

Rentachook - Chickens in Suburbia

Watching all of this River Cottage stuff with hubby makes me want to grow my own food and have my own chickens.  There is a guy in Sydney who rents chicken coops and chickens (Rentachook), and for $380 you get a chicken coop for 2 chickens, 2 chickens, and some feeding things for the chickens.  After 6 weeks if you don't want to keep the chickens you give it back, and you get $280 back.  So basically $100 for 6 weeks!

I'd like to give it a go.  But mum says that chickens are messy and make poo everywhere and thinks it's a bad idea.  One of my colleagues at work also told me that there are lots of diseases that chickens can get that you have to be aware of and one of those includes some kind of mites the chickens get on their feet, which ended up with that person's kids having bites all over their legs.  Eeew.  So at this stage it looks like there will be no chickens.  Hopefully when the kids are a bit bigger we can have chickens and then have some eggs too.  And I was so looking forward to having chickens.

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