Thursday, 15 April 2010

Balancing work, children, marriage and fun

I went to Yum Cha with a bunch of work friends and one of the girls there (Suzie) had met my friend Karen (who was in the same mother's group as another of the girls at the Yum Cha whose name is Felicity).  So I gave Karen a call and she said that she did meet this girl and apparently Felicity and Suzie had said that I was a supermum!  Well that was a nice thing to hear, and Karen was asking me how it was coping with 2 and when I think about it, it takes a timetable to make my life look so organised!

Fortunately for me I don't need much sleep.  And now that I've got a routine going it makes it easy.  Sometimes I wonder how I do it with the toiletting as well, coz that is really time consuming!  I mean most of the time my day starts at 3.30-4am and goes till 11.30pm.  Long ass day.

Other tips for coping with 2 little ones:
1) Don't try to do everything at once.  You have to get to it when you get to it.  That includes dinner, dishes, laundry.  Kids come first otherwise you'll have chaos.
2) Involve your older child with what you're doing with the younger one.  They might be rather entertained by you breastfeeding/changing a nappy/bathing the new baby.  Don't lock them in a room while you're trying to do things with the baby because they'll start to resent the baby or become more difficult to manage.
3) Have a special thing that your toddler can do while you're attending to new baby.  Like a special TV show, or a treat bag that ONLY gets to be played with/used while you're attending the baby.
4) When the baby is asleep or settled make sure you pay attention to your toddler so they don't feel left out.
5) Timetables.  Very important in my opinion.  If you and your babies know when things are going to happen then it makes life a whole lot easier to plan.  I like the kids to have breakfast at the same time every day, same with lunch and dinner and bedtime.
6) Sleep whenever you can!
7) Me time is very important.  I always have me time after the kids go to bed.  I prefer to play computer games, but reading a book, watching a movie or sleeping is an option too!  I prefer to do something rather than sleep the whole time away because then at least I felt I did something for myself.

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