Friday, 9 April 2010

A food and baby behaviour diary

I thought I might start a diary about what I eat and how Julian behaves - to see whether things I eat correlate with Julian's bad night behaviour!

7 April
Hot cross bun
Red Curry Chicken
Rice and Pork chop

Fed 0430. Fed 1830. Slept 1900. Woke at 2230 changed nappy and bounced to sleep (disposable).  Not fed! Slept till 0400.

8 April
Weetbix and milk
Hot Chocolate
Fried rice and Satay
Chicken Laksa

Fed 0400 + pood, and some weetbix at 0645 + BM. Fed 1600 when arrived home R BM, pood after.  Pood in nappy at 1800.  Julian fussy to sleep, drank very litle formula and L BM (1830).  No poo after drink. Crying a lot.  Slept at 1900. Woke at 1950 (settled with picking up after 1 min).

9 April

Oats and yoghurt
Hot chocolate
Vermicelli noodles and cabbage

Woke at 0200 fed R BM + pood in toilet
Fed at 615pm amd went to bed at 1930

10 April

Soy Milk
Yum Cha
Rabbit stew and Beef with burdock and octopus

Woke at 1am and fed, woke at 4am and 5am and then fed
Pood at 6 and 8
Fed at 9am
Fed at 1pm, 4pm and 6.30pm (little poo)
Bed at 730pm

11 April

Cocopops and Soy milk and Chai tea
McChicken, fries, strawberry shake
Rice, Pork belly, fish, beef and burdock
Cold and flu tablet (night)

Woke at midnight, fed and changed nappy back to sleep
Woke at 530 fed + poo
Fed some weetbix/farex/breastmilk + BM at 9.  No poo.  Bed at 10, up at 1045, pood at 11 (in nappy)
Snack at midday. Slight poo at 2 in nappy. Napped in car. Fed 3pm
Fed at 6pm

12 April

Soy milk and cocopops
Chocolate, Ribena
KFC Burger + Chips + sprite
Fried rice (pork, celery, onion, egg, carrot)

Woke at midnight, fed, and changed nappy back to sleep
Woke at 330 fed changed nappy sleep at 5
Fed at 9am (formula 150mL + BM) and weetbix and pood.  Fed at midday.  Fed at 3pm and then 6.30pm. Small poo.

13 April

Pullapart bread, soymilk
Hot chocolate and banana bread
Sandwich + Almond croissant
Orange juice
Nutri grain
Vietnamese broken rice with pork and jellyfish

Woke at 2am, fed and pood and changed nappy.  Woke at 5am put back to bed.
Fed at 6.30am and pood.  Grumpy all day because he had a cold.
Fed at 6pm and at midnight.  Up all night.

14 April

Banana bread
Chicken kebab and lemonade
Boost juice
Chicken cajun, fish broth, sugar cane drink, rice

Up at 5am, fed.  Ate well and slept well at Michelle's. Fed at 6pm when at home, slept at 7pm (no poo)

15 April

Weetbix and soy milk
Hot chocolate

Woke at 1am, fed (no poo), 5am fed and poo.

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