Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Happy birthday! - here's some head lice

Erika and I went to a birthday party on Sunday, but unfortunately the weather was abyssmal and was pouring rain.  Erika was very shy and didn't talk much but after a while she got into the food, and was eating BBQ prawns, cashew nuts, sausages and chips.  I had her in her gumboots and raincoat so she didn't get wet but we got wet getting back into the car because I had to get her in the car and take off the raincoat and of course all the water on the raincoat ended up on the baby seat.

So today I saw FR, the mum of the girl whose birthday it was and she told me that her daughter M has head lice.  GREAT!

So now I have psychological head lice, because my head is itching like crazy now.  I will have to inspect Erika when I get home.

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