Monday, 5 September 2011

Family friendly Eats (Sydney) - An Restaurant

An Restaurant in Bankstown is a Vietnamese noodle house that specialises (in fact, only makes) Pho, the Vietnamese Rice Noodle soup.  We have eaten there a few times, but I wanted to blog about it today because I had a nice experience there on Saturday.

Located near the Bankstown Sports Club, there is a free public multistory car park nearby which is where we always park. It can get really busy though, so traffic around there can be slow.

When we walked in, we were immediately ushered to a table, and a high chair put there for Julian, without even asking.  The orders are always quick and the food comes quickly (I guess because for them a quick turnover makes good money), but then again they aren't making much except Beef Noodle Soup.

One of the complaints people have about Pho An is that it isn't cheap.  A medium Pho is about $10, and a large just a bit more than that.  For Pho that is quite pricey.  However, the service, the speed at which food comes out and ease of ordering is what makes it worth it in my opinion.  It was very family friendly - not just the high chairs coming without asking, but also they gave us plastic bowls and spoons for the kids when they came to take our order.  It was such a relief, because screaming hungry kids is what makes eating out a real pain sometimes.

Address: 27 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown
Ph: (02) 9796 7826

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