Monday, 3 October 2011

Another Gastro bug - thank god it's over!

On Friday, Julian seemed fine, but I got calls later in the day from my SIL who was looking after them saying that Julian had vomitted 3 times and also had some very watery diarrhoea.  He was very lethargic and tired and wanted to sleep a lot so I just let him sleep.  He had one further vomit on Saturday morning and seemed fine by Sunday.

Erika went with me to a birthday party on Saturday and on Sunday ate her breakfast fine, and I went out to meet some friends for lunch.  Hubby called me just before midday to say Erika was vomitting.  I went home and we tried to put her to bed but she did another huge vomit in her bed onto the wall and her bedding - YUK!  Then she had a few more vomits downstairs.  Probably about 6 vomits total, and one very watery diarrhoea.  She was brighter by the evening compared to her brother who was listless and miserable for at least 24-36 hours.  Today she looks totally normal, and is eating suprisingly well.

Now my SIL is sick.  I wonder will be the next victim.

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