Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kite flying in Bicentennial Park

 It was a nice day on the weekend so we took the kids out to the Bicentennial park so we could fly some kites.  There was quite a bit of wind.  We bought some new kites to fly and they actually flew really well!

There was an older gentleman there too with his kites and he had a whole trolley bag full of  kites and he was flying them near us.  I was worried we would "cross the streams" but it was ok.
Hubby is excited and wants to buy more kites now, as well as a fishing reel type thing for reeling in your kite.  The kids were happy to look at the kites but a bit scared to hold them because of the pulling feeling I think.  Anyway, guess I won't be taking them fishing either any time soon

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