Thursday, 28 October 2010

Travelling with Children

The time is coming up soon for working out what exactly to do as a trip for my sister's wedding.  Because I have a conference in Hong Kong afterwards, we've been trying to figure out what to do for travel because of the kids, not wanting them to have an overly long trip.

So far the plan is to fly to Taiwan, then fly to Vegas, then fly back to Taiwan then I go to Hong Kong and then back to Taiwan and then we all go home together from Taiwan.

Hubby thinks it's too hard to take the kids out, so I suggested we leave Julian in Taiwan with his mother.  He thought that was a great idea.  However, he mentioned in passing that his mother was worried about looking after Julian.  I mentioned that to my mother and she thought perhaps subconsciously she doesn't want to look after Julian, and is only doing it because that is what we wanted her to do and she feels like a bad grandparent if she doesn't do it.  I mean if you asked, really would she say no?  And not to mention hubby's grandmother is quite unwell, how would having Julian around affect that?  And if she couldn't cope would she be calling us in Vegas to come back and look after him?

One of the things that was also pointed out was that if hubby's mother really wanted to spend time with the grandchildren, she would have come back to Australia.  Even to visit, for a short while.  But she hasn't and she has missed the kids birthdays and they won't be small again, so maybe she doesn't want to look after them.  She also has her own health issues too, she has a chronic pain problem which flares up every now and then, so would that also impair her ability to care for Julian?  Of course I can't bring up these issues with hubby, he would be offended that I think his mother couldn't care for Julian as well as my mother, but it does seem to highlight the fact that she doesn't spend much time coming to see them, though she does see them on Skype every day.  Which is the opposite to my mother, she doesn't get to see them on Skype every day.

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