Monday, 18 October 2010

Julian's first birthday

Had a dinner birthday party for Julian for his first birthday.  I even made my simple and boring carrot cake with a bit of icing on top and cut the words out of soft carrot... looks so bodgy!  But definitely homemade!

We also had a variety of other foods including oysters, lobster, chicken, roast pork, a mushroom vegetarian dish, and sashimi salmon.  I got Julian to sample the lobster, chicken, roast pork and sashimi, and Erika ate them all as well.  At least my kids know good food when they eat it.

We did presents afterwards and he got a Wooly Rhinoceros toy from me and Ivan, he got pants from HK and he got a toy piano/xylophone from Nanny M.

He did lots of walking and seems to be a lot more confident in his walking, walking fair distances now and even sometimes walking unconsciously from the table to the window or the chair.

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