Tuesday, 12 October 2010

In remembrance of E2B

My BIL and SIL are going back to Taiwan after they see the specialist on Thursday.  They are going to abort the baby there.

I just want to have a small memorium thing here for E2B (emily2be).  Though I didn't know her, I would have loved her and helped to take care of her and she would have been my special little niece.  Because her life would have been short, I would have tried to make it as happy as possible with cuddles, kisses and carries.

I hope she can forgive us all for taking away her life, and if she understands that it was so she wouldn't suffer and have a miserable life.  I hope that the spark of life that she had will be born again in this world as something beautiful.  I am sure she would have been proud, and hated to be a burden to anyone.  And that though it seems like nobody loves her because we could so easily throw her away, that we are saddened by her loss.

I hope you don't have to suffer little E2B.  I love you.

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