Saturday, 1 May 2010

Parenting And Baby Expo Rosehill Racecourse

I love going to the Baby show.  I love expos, with all the demonstrations, all the stuff you never knew you needed, the crush of crowds, the freebies!

Last year I got a few useless but fun items - such as smallprints silver keyring with Erika's fingerprint, a cubie freezer, BBH nappies, a CGR nappy...and some Jazslings.

This year I bought a toilet seat, which is a child and adult one in 3 layers (lid is the 3rd layer) and it drops down slowly so no slamming fingers in toilet!  I also bought another baby food freezing container, I bought a food masher, some Brauer's stuff and a Cushie Tushie wetbag.  I was standing next to the Cushie Tushies stall and the Jazslings one was next door (and I was carrying Julian in my Jazsling) and the person at the stall noticed my sling and said "Oh you're using an older style Jazsling!" and went into the stall to tell the other demonstrators and they all came out and cooed over Julian who was sleep and snug in his sling, saying what a great advertisement it was.  The guy took a photo of me outside the stall too for the website.  Can't wait to look!  A few people also came up to me to look and ask me about the sling and if it was comfortable.

Saw Caroline and family just outside the Baby Beehinds Stall!  And I convinced her to buy a whole heap of BBH, I hope she likes them!  It was great to see that a lot of people were interested in cloth nappies, though I only saw four there - Cotton Bottom, Peapods, Baby Beehinds and IttiBitti.

I went to smallprint but Julian's fingers are still too small!  Next year I'll do it.

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