Thursday, 13 May 2010

Controlled crying - the Julian experience

Julian's night waking has been driving us nuts.  I decided last Friday to try some controlled crying.  And surprisingly Julian is settling with it, though it hasn't really stopped his night crying.  At least I'm not having to pick him up anymore, I just pat him until he settles a little then leave the room.  He does pick up in volume then, and I leave him for 5 minutes before I go back in to pat him, sometimes 10 minutes and usually he stops and goes to sleep.

19/5: It's difficult to know if it's working.  I have to admit that him crying non stop doesn't seem to settle him... the last few days I've been putting him to bed and patting him till he stops crying.  This morning I put him in the cot when he wasn't crying and left him there to go to sleep by himself.  And he did.  I guess he's got to be quite tired to do that.  But I don't carry him to sleep anymore - he's too heavy!  But I still carry him around.

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