Thursday, 27 August 2009

Gestational diabetes

Ugh! Yesterday I got my results back from my formal 75g glucose tolerance test and I have gestational diabetes! That made me one sad puppy.

My fastings were good, it was my 2 hour ones which made me look bad

So I got on the internet and started looking up what I can and cannot eat. And when does it mean I have to take insulin?

Here is the fact sheet from Diabetes Australia for healty eating:

Anyway I just realised I eat more than that for breakfast, but I don't eat that much for the rest of the day. So yesterday I checked my sugar 2 hours after lunch and it was 6.6. If it is above 7 then I have to take insulin. So that was ok yesterday, because yesterday I ate sushi for lunch.

So for dinner last night, I had rice and curry and chicken nuggets and my post prandial was 6.6 as well. That was good.

This morning I got up and did a fasting and it was 4.6. Now I am eating my half cup of oats with 5 teaspoons of low fat yoghurt.. and then a glass of soy milk. Wonder what my post prandial will be.

OK looking at some websites here are some good foods that I can eat

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