Thursday, 27 August 2009

What people say when I tell them I have GDM

It's amazing what people say when I tell them I have gestational diabetes.
  • Oh no! Well, it's only for another 9 weeks so it's not really that bad.
  • This could be a good thing! Motivation to eat well and exercise! You could lose all your pregnancy weight so quickly and you're lucky you're married to an endocrinologist! Expert care 24/7!
  • It must be all those lollies and chocolates you've been eating.
  • I don't think you really have diabetes.
  • You know you just have to eat healthily and exercise more, exercise will improve your insulin sensitivity. That's what I do!
  • Wow does this mean that you're going to get diabetes later when you're not pregnant?
I've been thinking a lot about why me? Granted, I am older (30+), and I am not very fit and do hardly any exercise but I do try and do a lot of incidental exercise (stairs, walking long distances to my car). And I am of Asian background and apparently that's a risk factor.

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