Wednesday, 29 July 2009

MCNs and newborns

A lot of people find nappying a newborn rather daunting, and think maybe they should wait till they're older. With my daughter, who was born weighing only 2.7kg, I found that MCNs were fine with her. Here is my guide to nappies I used for a newborn, for anyone who would like some advice on what to use.

Personally I liked fitteds and covers as the best leak protection, but AIOs were not bad either. Pictures courtesy of Darlings Down Under, The Weewuns, Cherubs Kiss, Babybeehinds, Cute Tooshies and Bubblebubs.

Kissaluvs Contours

You can get these from $14 at DDU
Not very absorbent but good enough for a newborn and quite cheap. You can use them as pocket stuffers later! I used snappis on mine but you can just lay them inside a cover.

Kissaluvs Size 0

These are fantastic nappies! They fit well, my daughter wore them till she was almost 6 months old (needed boosting then). They have a snapdown bit for the umbilical cord at birth too. I bought mine from ebay but you can get them at DDU for $22.50.

Swaddlebees OV Newborn

Great nappies and fit really well but my daughter outgrew them at about 6 weeks. Also have an umblical snap down bit. You can get these from Weewuns for $25.95. I bought mine from ebay, and I resold them on Buyforbaby so I got most of my money back from these! Great resale value.

Bubblebubs AIO

Don't need a cover so great for carers! I bought a couple from Ebay but also got some new. I used smalls and they lasted well until 8 months. I don't think I used them until she was about 2 weeks though. New ones are $27.95. Heaps of different colours and tab designs!

CK Raphaels

My husband's favourite fitted nappies. You can get a pack of 3 for $33. Used from newborn until she was about 5 months. I even managed to sell them afterwards! The velcro makes changing quick and easy.

SHP Lushies and Daysies

Haven't used these yet on a newborn but I love SHP stuff! I have a few of their night nappies and some of these. My daughter could wear them at 13 months still (and they're supposed to fit newborns!). I got mine as a bargain at $10 each but you can get bamboo ones from $16 each, discounted if you buy more.

Cute Tooshies OSFM

These side snapping nappies are so lush and soft! I bought a starter pack of these and then I got some on super special (seconds) so I have heaps! Don't have a stay dry layer so might need a fleecy liner. Buy new for $25.95 with discounts for bulk buys. They'd probably fit up to TT (and start at 1 month)

Baby beehinds Bamboo OSFM

One of the most popular fitted nappies in the Autralian market. These fit my daughter from about 1 month and will probably fit until she's toilet trained! Great value for money. Retail for $25 each but you can get bulk discounts (and you can always find heaps on ebay too!)

PUL covers

I used Bummis and Baby beehinds covers. And smalls last for ages! I did have 2 NB sizes which lasted about 2-3 months, and then smalls I used until she was almost 1.

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