Friday, 22 July 2016

Chicken Diaries - Now Bubbles is laying eggs!

My mum is visiting and she really enjoys the chickens. She feeds them, and watches them, and on Thursday she was excitedly telling me that there were 3 chickens hanging around the nesting box. Later in the day she told me there were TWO eggs!

And, this other egg was laid by Bubbles and it was BLUE!

It looks a little green, but it actuallly is blue! I was so excited! It weighed a little over 40g, so heavier than Mary's first egg.

I have been spoiling the girls lately - I bought mealworms on Monday and they devoured them, and mum has also been feeding them leftover bread to try to encourage Cacciatore to stay inside the pen instead of flying out all the time.

Mary has been laying very well, laying 5-6 eggs per week. She eats the crushed shells I've put out for her (and interestingly Bubbles had been eating them as well!)

There have been no more lice on the chickens whenever I inspect them, which is good. Spotty is quite large now, but her comb and wattles are still pale, so no eggs for her for a while. Mum told me that Snowy has been inspecting the nesting box too, so hopefully in the next week or so we shall have more eggs again!


  1. I am so excited for you! Fresh eggs are so good!