Sunday, 31 July 2016

Chicken Diaries - Cacciatore and Snowy now laying!

In my last post we wondered whose egg that was. We found out that it was Cacciatore's egg! However, on Friday, Snowy started laying eggs as well and she has large cream eggs.

These 3 eggs on the left were Friday's pickings. The blue one is of course Bubbles, then Snowy's egg, then Mary's. You can see in the egg tray on the right there is a white egg, which is Cacciatore's egg. Snowy's egg is a lot bigger!

I weighed today's egg and it was a whopping 54g!

So it looks like we'll get 2-3 eggs a day. I am so happy, now we are fully self sustaining when it comes to eggs! No more buying eggs for us!

I have wondered - how will I tell the difference between Mary's eggs and Spotty's eggs when she starts laying?

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