Saturday, 23 July 2016

Chicken Diaries - Another different looking egg! Who lay this one?

When we went outside this afternoon, there was an egg in the nesting box, and it wasn't pinkish, it wasn't blue, it was white!

It was a slightly elongated shape compared to our other eggs. We suspect it's Snowy who laid it, but we aren't sure!

It's a small egg, though it looks large in my daughter's hand below. Wyandottes can lay a cream to light brown egg, and I am hoping that it's Snowy who laid it. Only 2 more chickens left who aren't laying! Cacciatore sure isn't earning her keep.

I shall keep an eye out tomorrow and see who the egg laying culprits are and give them some extra treats!

We also weighed them today, though it was the end of the day, so they're probably a bit heavier than they should be. Here are this week's weigh-ins:

Mary - 2273g
Spotty - 2171g
Snowy - 1855g
Bubbles - 1780g
Cacciatore - 1371g

It looks like my two "mutt" chickens have put on some weight!

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