Saturday, 29 October 2011

QANTAS flights grounded

Hubby and I went to Melbourne this weekend - he had a conference and I was going to catch up with some friends.  I had a nice day catching up with some World of Warcraft friends.

However, when we were going out for dinner, I got a call from HK saying that QANTAS had grounded all flights voluntarily because of the industrial action.  There have been a lot of worker strikes because of industrial dispute about a refusal to give a 2.5% pay rise.  However, the CEO of QANTAS, Alan Joyce recently gave himself a 66% pay rise.

As soon as I heard, I tried to get HK to book me a flight on Virgin Blue out of Melbourne.  He managed to get me one at 3pm.  However, about an hour later, all flights on Virgin Blue out of Melbourne were sold out.  Cost me a pretty penny though!

At present the Government is thinking of stepping in to intervene, and there are talks due to start soon.  I have to say it's all rather exciting.  I wonder how long it will take to resolve.

Fortunately QANTAS has released a statement that I will receive a full refund on my ticket.  So at least I can take my Virgin Blue flight and not worry that I have 2 flights to pay for.

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