Monday, 29 November 2010

My favourite vampire romances

Now I'm not (fully) ashamed to admit that I am a romance novel fan.  I was a historical romance reader for a long while and then I discovered paranormal romances.  Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series and Weres was a favourite for ages, I ended up buying Acheron when it came out and I really did like that book - though the ending was a bit too easy I thought.  The pain and suffering in that book.... was like woah, over the top romance tragedy drama that I had not read before.

Then I decided to try the Christine Feehan series, and I read the first few and I was hooked.  Admittedly the first book wasn't THAT good, but some of the scenes were rather hot.  And then as the books went on they got better.  The later stories were my favourites, even though lots of people panned them.  I totally LOVED Dark Slayer, another tragedy of a love story where love is the cure for all hurts.  And the suffering the two of them had... I think I've read it about 20 times already.  Lucky I have it on my phone - great for long cases at work.  Dark Celebration (which was a Christmas one) was not too tacky, it had lots of characters in it and had some working of the main story line in it.  The whole everyone cooking for Christmas was the tackiest part of it though.  Dark Possession was one I really liked, the heroine in it turned out to be a werewolf but didn't know it, and both the hero and heroine were changed by the blood exchange.  And the heroine was black!

Last night I finally got around to reading Breaking Dawn, I had been cruising along reading it rather slowly and then suddenly Bella was pregnant... and I was like WOAH.  And then the next bit was written from Jake's perspective and he imprinted on Bella's baby and I was like... omg I can't stop reading now!  The Volturi are coming!

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