Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Flimsy gates = bobsled down the stairs!

On Monday I was going upstairs taking the kids for a shower and I was carrying the laundry too.  Erika got up the stairs first and was playing with the gate, then I got up and walked to my room door to put the laundry down and go back and get Julian.  When I turned around, Erika was standing and playing on the gate and the next thing you know the gate came off the wall and fell down the stairs.  Poor Erika was terrified!  And I was scared thinking Julian was about to wiped out by the gate as it fell down the stairs!  Erika ended up with just a bump and a bruise on her head and arm and I cuddled her for a while why she had a big cry.

The on Tuesday Julian fell down the stairs, landing on his shoulder then his head and ended up with a bleeding nose.

I just hope DOCS don't find out haha!

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