Saturday, 13 February 2010

What a scare!

Geez, I was driving back from a friend's place and I was driving along a major road not far from home and the light was green but traffic was backed up.  The car in front of me stopped and then I hit the brakes but I wasn't going that fast anyway, but the 4WD behind me couldn't stop in time and rear ended me with a huge crash.  Julian was asleep but he woke up with a scream and I was petrified he'd been injured!

I pulled over and checked Julian, he was fine, no glass on him but the back of my car looked terrible!  Glass everywhere, boot smashed in... bullbars - they're car killers!

The driver of the other vehicle was so apologetic and was really nice about everything, asking if I was ok, and I was trying to reassure him.  He sorted out everything so quickly - I had only just gotten home and he rang me to tell me the claim number and what to do and what number to call.  I thanked him and reassured him again.

See it's not like I was doing anything wrong.  Sometimes accidents happen and there's nothing you can do about it.  But just thinking that being hit from behind and what's between me and that other car is the children...

When I got home I took out the car seats so I could put the back down and get the pram out.  Somehow the pram managed to survive unscathed.  Must be the way someone put it in.

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