Friday, 19 February 2010

Here comes the sun...

I got a phone call yesterday from the guys at Energy Matters saying that they had an opening TODAY!  So if I was OK for them to come round and do the panels then they'd get started and do it.  Hell yeah!  They also told me that the inverter I wanted is not available so I have to get a replacement and they suggested 2 inverters (which apparently cost more than the original one).

So what did I have put in?  I had 14 Suntech 180W panels which are sitting nicely on the roof making it a total of 2.520kW.  The wireless monitor shows how much we're generating on a minutely basis, and it's kinda entrancing to watch it go up when the sun is out.  At the moment they only had one antennna so we're only looking at one inverters output, so basically our solar electricity generation is about double what is being shown on the monitor.

Walked outside and I can hardly see my new panels.  I did want to get a photo of them.  Well at least they're unobtrusive!

Oh and another thing they don't have the meters from the electricity company yet.  So we won't get our feedin tariffs credited.... oh well!

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