Sunday, 1 October 2017

Hawaii Day 8 - Haleakala

We spent the morning on Wailea beach - so this is the kind of beach I could get used to (but that's because we had service from our hotel!)

As a hotel guest we get a cabana and umbrella, iced water and sunscreen and the kids had a great time playing on the beach. The view is just gorgeous.

After morning beach time we went to have lunch at Flatbread Company which makes pizza and salad, all organic. Seemed very hippy but it was yum!

Then the drive up the volcano. There is a town on the way, Makawao, which has a lot of artists. There was a glass blowing gallery there and we bought our glass jelly fish there. Cheaper than at the art galleries!

Debated whether to watch sunset from Haleakala but we were getting tired and hungry. It is pretty cool that we're above the clouds.

We had dinner at Maui Thai Bistro, and had a decent Thai meal and we were so full we couldn't finish our food! Ah, how I love sticky rice :)


Tom Yum soup 

Chicken and Cashew nut

Pad Thai
Goodbye Maui! Off to Oahu tomorrow!

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