Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Chicken Diaries - The Unfortunate story of Lucky Omelette

Before we went to Hawaii we had all our fertilised eggs and I thought it would be fun to hatch some eggs. However, before we went on holidays we came to the decision that the rooster had to go to another home. I took him to a colleague's farm and Luke seemed quite happy there.

Now we wouldn't have anymore fertilised eggs! But once mated, the eggs are fertilised for a month so we still could hatch chicks. Snowy was broody so I took 3 eggs (2 of Princess Layers and 1 of Mary's) and put them under her.

When we came back 2 weeks later from holidays, I candled the eggs and only one had something in it. So on hatching day, I was disappointed nothing hatched. I told the kids we'd give it 2 more days and if it didn't hatch, we'd take it out and do an egg-topsy.

Sunday rolled around and still no hatching and Snowy was busted not even sitting on the egg (she was sitting on different eggs) and the egg was cold. I took it into the house and smacked it with a teaspoon to crack the shell so we could look inside, and as I was showing the kids the egg, the embryo inside MOVED.

Screams from the kids about me killing the egg, should have left it longer... I honestly thought it was dead!

So I tried to cover it with glad wrap to keep it moist (which later I found out was a bad idea) and try to keep the membrane moisty. Unfortunately it got very dry and looked like paper. We also used the heat lamp to keep it warm.

The next day a beak popped through the membrane and on Wednesday early hours, the chick was hatching. I did help it a bit, because that membrane was a bit rubbery, being so dry.

So we had a fluffy little chick for a few days, but the poor thing never wanted to eat or drink, just sleep. I thought that was normal for a newborn chick but as time got on, it was obviously not well and it died about 6 days after hatching, poor thing.

So now I now how NOT to hatch an egg. Next time I'm letting the chooks keep them.

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