Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Nerdy Knitting and Crochet Projects

I have gone on a bit of a knitting frenzy and after knitting a dress, some fingerless gloves and some grandma slippers, I thought I might turn my attention to something a little more nerdy!

And She Games had a list of Star Trek related knitting projects - some of which are too outrageous and I wouldn't make them, but I think I wouldn't mind making some fingerless gloves with a federation pattern or a communicator pattern.

Oh and these Live Long and Proper gloves look rather cool.  They could also be a bit tauren like with the three fingered look.

Geek Mom had some knitting projects too - I think the Totoro sweater is awesome as well as those Star Trek pot holders - I think they would make good patchwork squares for a blanket.

At the moment I am practicing doing colour changing in crochet - this is my practice run but my next one will be a tidy double sided project. The chart was done by CelestialQueen on deviant art.

At least all this knitting has given me extra excuses to watch television and catch up on my tv shows and movies!

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