Sunday, 20 September 2015

Japan Holiday Day 1 - Arrival

I have been excited about this trip for ages, but the last month the anticipation had been really building.  We were going on a holiday with 2 other couples and their kids, and though I had been to Japan twice before, each of the visits had been different.  The first time I went I was in school and I went on exchange and so I saw Japan from a student's perspective - I went to school and was in my city for a month but it was a normal life rather than a touristy one.  The second time was with hubby and we did "traditional Japan" with old temples, castles and World heritage sites.  This time we had kid and we were going to do "modern Japan" with Disneyland, Universal Studios, and other kid oriented things.

The other couple we were flying there with were keen on a day flight so we took a JAL flight that left at 815am and we actually landed early.  The kids were hungry so after we checked into our hotel (stayed at the swanky Peninsula) we took them into Ginza and had a Dashi-tea meal, which was different.

Maybe it's a new thing in Japan where you order via this machine first and then take your tickets to an attendant. I suppose it's quite convenient and you can't complain the orders are wrong!

A quick word on our hotel - the Peninsula is a very grand hotel and it was probably the best hotel I have ever stayed in!  The room was super spacious (usually Tokyo hotels are cramped) and the kids were very well catered for.

The entranceway is impressive with it's chandelier (and eye like wooden sculpture)

There was a lounge, 2 double beds and a spacious bathroom with a huge bath.  The kids had tons of amenities for them, uncluding bath robes and their own slippers, and also a stepping stool in the bath, bath toys, and  bath sponges.

The kids were exhausted and fell into a deep sleep very quickly.  However, the next day should be fun! Harajuku!

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