Sunday, 14 July 2013

My son, the beautician

One day my son will probably be mad at me for writing about his quirky toddler behaviour.

He's always enjoyed putting moisturiser on himself, and putting it on me, but he's gone that little step further!

I have a Ped-Egg for the calluses on my feet.  I quite enjoy doing my feet whilst curled up in front of the television watching a movie. My son J watched me with interest and wanted to do it on my foot.  Now, I can hardly take it out without him running over to industriously file away at my foot with my Ped-Egg.

I also enjoy having a shower with the kids rather than popping them in the bath.  I have a facial scrub that I do every day in the shower and now, my son will put a blob of the facial scrub on his hands and scrub my face for me.  He also enjoys putting shampoo in my hair (though I wish he would learn to give me a head massage as well).

The other funny thing is tweezering my eyebrows.  He likes to pretend to use the tweezers to do my eyebrows though I have to be careful he doesn't poke me in the eye.

Makes me wonder - will my son one day become a beautician?  And if so, I wonder if he will get cross at me for all those dreadful home hair cuts I've been doing for him!

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