Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Coming to terms with the post-baby 30-something year old body and dressing it

People always talk about how your body is never the same after you have a baby.  Your boobs aren't the same - they end up like deflated balloons compared to the oomph you had whilst breastfeeding; your belly is jelly and covered in stretchmarks and scars (if you had a caesarean)... the worst of it is right after you stop breastfeeding and you look in the mirror and you feel so old and worn out.

However, nobody tells you that it slowly does come back.  Probably because a bit of weight gain comes back after breastfeeding ends, but the bra filled out again after about a year, but the muffin top wouldn't go (but I wasn't really trying very hard).

My wardrobe choices have now changed to reflect the change of times.  Underwear is a big thing now - preventing the muffin top is super important in trying to look good under dresses and figure hugging skirts!

The undies I love the best are the new comfy tops by Bonds.  No digging, they sit nicely and don't fall off (like some other undies do that don't give you VPL or muffin top from digging into your hips)

I ended up changing ALL my old undies to these because I love them so much!

And would you believe it, now I have to buy SPANX to smooth out all my wobbly bits - I have to say they do a great job smoothing out everything.  And you can wear them instead of undies as well!  However, they tend to dig in at the waist making an uncomfortable line there but the rest is quite good.  Sara Blakely, the founder and creator, was the youngest woman to join the Forbes Billionaire club.  And they are actually quite comfortable to wear, imagine that!

On the top, I can still wear my usual bras but I wear a lot more push-up bras than I used to.  But hey, all the models wear them, and they have fantastic figures already, so surely it wouldn't be bad if I did!

And talking about dressing your age...

When I was younger, I thought that 40 somethings couldn't get away with what 20 somethings wear.  But you know, 40 really is the new 30.  I'm not quite there yet (but I'm close) and I still wear the same things that I wore 10 years ago.  Perhaps even a little more outrageous than I used to.  I've turned into a bit of an Alannah Hill fan and her designs tend to be rather whimsical instead of mainstream.  For example, my favourite items by Alannah Hill:

It's Hard to Die Frock

My Pussy Bow Frock
Pray for her coat
None look very 40ish and all look a bit outrageous (but that's just what I like!)  Fashion is forgiving if you can carry it off :)

I wonder what other mums have to share about clothing that helps with the post baby body bulges!  Or how they dress to hide it.


  1. Sparrowgal, I love Alannah Hill too! And I need your email address, my friend - reunion time!

    1. Hi brainfall, thanks for visiting! You can email me at sparrowgalblog at gmail dot com if you would like to drop me a line :)