Friday, 22 June 2012

Craft at work - Theatre scrub hat made for Registrar E

I wanted to make a hat as a gift from my Registrar (who is a crafty little thing and knits tea cosies and makes quilts and sews) and the only thing I could make was a theatre hat.

I have a lot of great material that I have picked up from Ebay and it wasn't hard to find one that suited her.  So I brought my material and thread and needles to work, pinched some scissors from the secretary, and then realised I forgot to bring elastic!  However, I remembered the oxygen masks have elastic to hold them onto the face so I took some elastic from an oxygen mask - woot I was set!

Fortunately I had a registrar with me all day so I was able to sit in the corner and sew.  People thought I was crazy hand sewing a hat, but I managed to get it done by about 1530 and even embroidered her name on the back to seal in the last seam.  Now how to take pictures of it...  aha!  We used a glove like a balloon!

OK, so the balloon thing looks scary.  But the hat does look cool!

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