Thursday, 31 May 2012

Night toilet training blues

I thought that Julian was almost ready for night toilet training. He was waking up at night when he needed to go, or so I suspected. So I thought ok I can try waking him up at night to empty his bladder and put him back to bed.

But in these colder months, putting him on the toilet makes him cry, the seat is cold! However he doesn't mind the bucket so I kept his little chamber pot in his room. In the first 4 days I had only one accident and I thought it was a good sign but he got a cold, started waking up, crying and straining which made him have accidents every day after.

I tried to sleep in there to catch them but all that made me do was get exhausted and lose sleep. So I have decided to just leave him in his nappies. He will be ready when he is ready.

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