Saturday, 7 April 2012

London Day 6 - Food and Theatre

Today it was shopping day in Mayfair because we were having lunch at another fancy restaurant.  But first we did some shopping.  The best find of the day was coming across Sotheran's in Sackville street.

There were some Gould lithographs in the window so I made my sister go in and we spent an hour poring over the Gould prints - well, it was more like I pored over them and she watched.  Now THAT would have been my ideal souvenir to take home from London!  So I bought more clothes, another bag, nearly bought a print, and then my sister and I headed to Claridges for our lunch at Gordon Ramsay at Claridges.

The interior is very art deco.  There were a lot of choices on the menu, and we decided to go with the lunch tasting menu.

Cute looking bread, there were 3 types to choose from.


Kingfish cerviche

Pressed Foie gras, comfit of rabbit and smoked duck 

Braised Beef Featherblade

   Bream fillet

Sorbet refresher

Chocolate sphere with honeycomb - you pour the hot milk chocolate sauce on it and the sphere melts to reveal the inside. LOOKS so awesome!!


We managed to score last minute tickets to War Horse, and I was so excited to go!  I was hoping that I wouldn't be disappointed (like I was with the Yorkshire Pudding at Trinity) and I really enjoyed it, and I nearly cried.  The puppetry is amazing, as I was told it would be.  Those Handspring Puppets were amazing.  It made the movement so much more real!

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