Tuesday, 3 April 2012

London Day 2 - The Nerd Trail

I woke up at the ridiculous hour of 330am - I blame going to sleep early at 11pm. So I spent hours on the computer, editing pictures and blogging, and even spent some time online as well. I also did some research on some dorky things I'd like to do whilst in London. I came across a movies in London website and saw a few spots where movies were filmed. Harry Potter was one of the ones which was easy to find. Kings Cross station was high on my list, so when my sister woke up, I told her we needed to head out and see Platform 9 and 3/4. There is actually a photo opportunity there, in the form of a trolley stuck to the wall. My sister had never heard of it so she was thrilled to see it. 

I took a photo of this lady with her baby because I thought it was a funny pic... how is her baby going to relate to the pushing the trolley like Harry Potter, I'm not sure. I wanted to offer to take a pic for her but she left quickly. What I thought was funny was the book store next to the trolley in the wall, displaying Harry potter books in the window. Then my sister and I went to the actual platform to look for the wall they run into, but there weren't any arches that looked like the movie, so we went over to platform 5 to get our pictures.

Then I went around collecting my dorky photos for my Monopoly project.

We had lunch at Trinity, a restaurant close to my sister's place.  It was written up as a really good place ot have lunch, and after sampling the cuisine, I'd have to agree!

Rhubarb and Salmon Mousse

Trotters, Sourdough, Gribiche and Crackling
White Asparagus and yolk truffle

Terrine of Chicken Foie Gras and Artichokes

Roast Duck comfit and capers, parsnip and pear puree

Aberdeen Angus Sirloin and Yorkshire Pudding

Toasted Marshmallow and Apple sorbet


After lunch my ssiter and I went to a chocolate festival at Southbank.  We both had a hot chocolate there, and we also discovered a few eggs there!  My sister was excited, and I took a few pictures of the nicer eggs we came across in our massive trek today.

We stopped by a pub near Piccadilly and I thought I'd try a pint.  Nice try... I think I got through one third of it.  My brother in law turned up soon after and finished my drink for me.  We went for a walk afterwards and passed by a whole heap of cool shops, including some quirky nik naks and alternative lifestyle books.  We went by a Japanese restaurant and had some Okonomiyaki for dinner.  Yum!

Relaxed the rest of the night watching movies and TV shows.  I had to remind my sister and her husband that I can't watch scary things.  They laughed at me for screaming all the way through an episode of Supernatural.

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