Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Julian - Vocabulary Update

In the last few days Julian started to say Poh Poh (Maternal grandmother)!  I thought it was just a fluke but he said it continuously while I was talking to my mother on the phone.  I swear it sounded like he said Hewo Poh Poh...

He usually just says Ah Mah when he picks up the phone and holds it to his ear (Paternal Grandmother).  Hubby's mum thinks it's so cute.

So now he is consistently saying Poh Poh when I am telling him who is on the phone.  I think my mum is quite chuffed with that.

At the supermarket on the weekend, I picked up a box of Nutri grain and there was a soccerball on the back of the box.  Julian pointed at it and said ball.

And this is cute - when he sees daddy he runs to him yelling Baba.  So cute.  I keep telling hubby that if he sees him doing that he has to pick him up or give him a cuddle and not ignore him!  Because that cute behaviour is only going to last a few more years.  I think I should try to video it so we can remember.

Apple is one he sometimes says.  I am sure I have heard him vocalise it but I don't think he's said it in conjunction with an apple.  He does say nana when he sees Bananas though.  Not that we have many bananas lying around the house, since they're like $16 a kilo!  He gets them at Nanny M's house.

So we're getting there, slowly but surely!

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