Monday, 8 August 2011

Bad parent moment!

I had a bad parent moment today.

Julian and Erika were playing at the front door like they often do, banging away on the security screen, looking at cars and trucks and what not.  Julian had taken the chair to the front door to open it.

So I was on my computer, looking at healing logs on Worldoflogs for Baleroc, and suddenly I realised that it was suspiciously quiet.  So I went to go look at what they were doing and my heart nearly stopped.

The security door was wide open and there were no kids in sight.

I was wearing my pyjamas (the leopard print flannie!) and no shoes and I ran out screaming "Erika! Julian!" and thinking "please please don't be dead, please don't be lost, please let me find them!" because they were not in the yard, and they weren't across the street.  I ran to the footpath (and the workmen who were outside just looked at me like I was a crazy person) and looked to the left and saw my children walking along the footpath, wearing their gumboots.  I yelled their names and ran to them, scooping Julian up and holding Erika's hand.

"You're not supposed to go outside without mama!" I exclaimed.

"We're going to see the fountain, mama," said Erika.

"You scared me!  Come on let's go inside the house."

"But I want to see the fountain!"

So I promised I would take them to the fountain, but first we had to put a nappy on Julian because he can't go outside without a nappy.  And so off we went once I got the kids all sorted out for a long walk, while I sat there and thought about how bad I was for not checking that the security door was locked...

I'm just glad that nothing bad happened.  My lucky stars must have been shining today.

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