Monday, 11 July 2011

Sick family

So the whole family is sickly.  I've decided they all have influenza because they all got sick with fevers and generalised malaise and of course cough and runny nose and I didn't, despite being coughed on, wiping runny noses all day and sharing food.  I guess that's one good thing about having yearly flu shots (though ironically I didn't have it this year).  It at least offers me some protection.  Can you imagine if the whole house was sick?  What a depressing place it would be!

As it is I feel like I am doing the lion's share of childcare.  I feed them both in the morning and toilet them and then I also have to feed them dinner and put them to bed.  Though last night it was a shared effort with putting to bed so that was better, compared to previous nights where I was doing it all.

The waking up at night has not been happening the last 2 days which leads me to believe that they are getting over it again.  I find Julian wakes up a lot in the first 2-3 days of illness, Erika too.

Pushing fluids was hard, they were both very resistant to eating and it was under threat of hospitalisation that Erika drank.  Thank goodness now she has recovered.  Julian doesn't eat but at least he loves to drink so that's ok.

So I hope they are better by this weekend.  Going to leave them with my parents while me and hubby hit the snow fields.


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  2. @TeresaBaby - Thanks Teresa I'll check it out!