Sunday, 3 July 2011

Remedies for Erika's constipation - progress

Well we are past a month now and I have been doing dairy free with Erika for her constipation and it hasn't really had that much of an effect.  Which is a bit disappointing, however it has the advantage of only 2 varieties of milk in the house instead of 3.

Now she seems to be doing a poo every 2 days, and it isn't really that hard, though it still seems to be 2-3 on the Bristol stool scale.

I have been adding extra virgin olive oil to her breakfast cereal with bran and hiding it with extra sugar and she seems to eat it quite well.  I doesn't seem to be harming her and from what I can tell it doesn't cause dependence either.  I wonder if it's bad to have it every second day which is what I've been doing for her.

Edit August: It has actually improved her constipation a lot!  And it works quite well, so I'm pleased.  I have read that olive oil is a natural laxative, and has antioxidants so that's good.  However it doesn't have any omega 3, which you can find in linseed oil (flaxseed oil).  Maybe I should try that instead (though it is a lot more expensive)

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