Thursday, 17 February 2011

Julian at 16 months, Erika at 3

So Julian at 16 months has started saying "up".  Not sure if he is using it to be picked up though I do pick him up every time he says it, and he can do "ababa" very well, doing the American indian thing with his hand "abababababa".  He holds with 2 fingers sometimes, feeds himself finger foods, and can use a pen to draw lines on a piece of paper.  And he climbs everything.  He can get on the bed, the chairs, the table and the other day I caught him holding onto the safety gate with both hands and both feet on 2 rails so he looked like he was trying to climb over the safety gate.  He also sits on the toilet to poo and wee sometimes though he doesn't do it often enough for my liking, and he tolerates water on his head quite well.

Erika at 3 is talking very well, copies things you say if you try to teach her and follows 3 step commands quite well.  She builds towers, steps and aeroplanes out of lego, and she likes drawing things, and can draw some shapes and likes to draw people with faces, arms and legs.  She can write the capital letters A, E, F, I, O consistently and sometimes writes L, M and R.  She can count to 20 easily but struggles a bit beyond that unless prompted and she can use her fingers to count to 5 and show me 1 to 5 on one hand.  She can even do "broken 3" where she puts her thumb and middle finger down holding the other 3 fingers up.  She can spell Julian, Erika, Star, Mama, Baba, Gugu, Poh poh (sometimes).

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