Friday, 4 December 2009


Well I've decided to try this as contraception. After years of using the pill I thought maybe time for a change. And not to mention I keep forgetting to take the pill so that's a pretty useless contraception! Anyway that left me with 2 choices, an implanon or a Mirena. I went for the Mirena.

Why the Mirena?
Well it lasts for 5 years, it gives the dose of hormone intrauterine so it's a pretty small amount. Keeps the endometrium thin so that eggs can't implant and also thickens cervical mucus and apparently decreases sperm motility.
Though the thought of having something in my uterus was a bit scary (risk of PID, ectopics, foreign body, infection!) the convenience of it sold me on it. I was worried it would be expensive (like 5 years worth of pill) but it was only $36 or so! How cheap! And if I'm lucky I might not get any periods either. Now that's always a plus. And if I get super light periods I might be able to get away with just panty liners for the 5 years - which means I can use my cloth pads yay! Which are all panty liner types anyway. Apparently the guy can feel the threads if the ends are cut too short (because then it's like a prickle) but I think they're quite long at the moment. I haven't been game to feel the threads yet, maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

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