Thursday, 28 September 2017

Hawaii Day 5 - Kona

Kona is on the western side of the big Island and there is a road cutting through the middle of the island from Hilo to Kona called the Saddle road. It's actuallly a nice big freeway but also a nice drive as you see the volcano scenery on either side of you.

It takes about 2 hours to drive it (depending on how fast you drive), and when we arrived at Kona it was a very different atmosphere to what I'd been used to in Hilo. Now THIS is a resort town! Fancy shops lining the beachfront streets, and just many more people around in beachy gear.

Dropped by the market but it was a bit of a tourist trap, nothing that I would recommend buying there. We had a submarine tour with Atlantis to get to so we headed up there, stopping to do one of those Pearl in an Oyster things, which yielded us 2 pearls.

The reef is quite good in Maui so there was a lot of fish, and we even saw a white tipped reef shark underneath a shipwreck. There was a skeleton tied to the shipwreck as a bit of a prank, which actually had an amusing story to it - it was put there as a halloween joke by some divers but they secured it with wire which rapidly rusted and broke, leaving the skeleton to wash up on the beach in Kona much to everyone's surprise that year. We even saw dolphins on the way out.

We went for lunch at Sushi Shiono's which was rather good, with quite fresh fish. We ordered the Shiono special, a chirashi sushi, some salmon avocado rolls for the kids, and uni (sea urchin) ships extra.

This made us late for our Big Island Bees tour, but we managed to arrive just in time to catch the end of it. I learned a lot about bees!

After that it was time to hit the road to go home - it was a long drive back in the dark on unfamiliar road (not to mention still getting used to this driving on the wrong side of the road business). It was our last day on the Big Island, and we had an early start the next morning!

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