Sunday, 18 October 2015

Japan Holiday Day 12-14 - Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea

We decided to do Disneyland a day earlier because weather was good and also because less queues on the weekdays compared to the weekend. Our friends were going out for dinner so we could only spend the day there and not hang around for the night show. So we decided to do Disneyland on Day 12, DisneySea on Day 13 and catch up on the bits we missed on Day 14.

Disneyland in Tokyo is similar to Disneyland in Los Angeles, so the rides were all the same, but this time the kids could ride everything in Disneyland.

English was spoken in both parks by at least some of the attendants so you could get by not knowing any Japanese. If you ask, you can get a map in English.

Disneysea can definitely be done in a day - but Disneyland still takes us 2 days if we wanted to do everything. We went back to do our favourite rides again (Splash Mountain, Canoes, Speedway) on the third day and caught two parades and also the DisneySea light and water show.

Halloween was a very prominent theme and the park was decorated heavily with Halloween stuff, as well as having special Halloween parades and props and accessories.

This is my favourite picture - the night picture of Cinderella's castle. It just look so magical and the Halloween 2015 makes it look even more special!

Everything looks great at night. I couldn't take pictures of the show - I found that I was spending more time trying to get nice shots instead of watching, so I gave up and just watched the show instead.

So what are my recommendations for Disneyland? I think that Disneyland is great for the under 10s - both parks. My children were still too small to go on the big roller coasters in DisneySea but even those rides were quite mild and not too scary. As I have gotten older I find I get vertigo and car sick a lot more, so Space Mountain and a few of the visual rides with lots of veering around made me feel unwell.

Food is outrageously expensive so it's not a bad idea to eat at Ikspiari for dinner instead of in the park. If you have to, lunch is probably the meal you should eat there.

I got a monorail pass for 4 days which turns out to be cheaper. If you catch the monorail at least twice a day then it will be worth it.

Weekdays are definitely a better option for visiting Disneyland. It felt so much less crowded than Universal Studios, and if you have young children, waiting in queue will be a horrible nightmare.

Fast passes are free which is good but they are time limited - you can only have one every 2 hours or until you do your ride. Make sure you choose your fast passes wisely! Don't fast pass anything with a queue less than half an hour, you might as well line up.

If you like dressing up/cosplay then Japan is THE place to do it. So many people cosplay and wear souvenir shirts (we all wore Disney shirts on the second day) that you won't feel like a dork.

There is child-switch available in Disney as well, and it works out well if you go with friends. Someone lines up and they get a child-switch, they get on the ride and you jump in after you swap kids and skip the line. Something to think about when there's a few of you at Disneyland as you can get more rides in.

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