Saturday, 12 January 2013

My morning surprise

I was trying to sleep in.  I didn't really want to get up before 530am.

But the kids had other ideas.  I tried to coax them back into bed but only my daughter was cooperating.

Hubby got up and called me to go downstairs to look at our son.  Grudgingly, I got up and headed downstairs to see what mess he had made now.

Sitting at the kids table, was my son, J.  He had his bowl, and was eating cocopops and milk.  There was another bowl, his sister's bowl, opposite him at the other side of the table, also with cocopops and milk and a spoon in it.  There was no cocopops and no milk in sight.  The cocopops was back in the cupboard and the milk was back in the fridge.  There was no spilled cocopops or spilled milk.

My clever little 3 year old son made his own breakfast and his sister's and then put it all away!

So cute :D  I was so proud!


  1. That's cool Navi ;) Wish my littlest imp would get up and do some things herself, lol.

    1. Well it was a big suprise to me, but a welcome one!