Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saltbush Lamb

I'm not very gourmet savvy, and when we were at the Orange Grove Organic market today picking up our usual favourites (saffron and squid ink pasta, and pork and black pudding sausages), hubby said we should get some saltbush lamb.  I have no idea what that was, I thought it was just the name of the company or farm it came from, but it turns out that saltbush lamb is something unique to Australia.

What's so good about Old Man Saltbush? This is a native plant supplying lambs with a rich source of minerals and nutrients not readily available from other plants. It is a deep rooted perennial that assists with sustainable land management as it helps to prevent salinity.  It is hardy to the outback and requires very little water to grow, so needs no irrigation or watering.  Lambs grazed on Old Man Saltbush require no drenching which means they are much healthier animals.  Old Man Saltbush is environmentally sustainable as it allows a diverse array of native wildlife to co-exists with the lambs.

Lambs grazed on Saltbush have full flavoured, juicy and tender with an enduring after taste.  The CSIRO even did some research - you can read it here.

So how was the lamb we bought today?  It was YUM.  It was meatier and quite tender.  It didn't smell as much as normal lamb does.  But it may because it was marinaded already.  But I think I'm sold on this Saltbush lamb stuff.

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