Thursday, 19 January 2012

Things that make you feel like a bad parent

So I am one of those bad parents who has closed the door on my kid's fingers in the door jam.  But what makes it bad is that it wasn't just once, but TWICE.

I was at my parent's place over Christmas/New Year and they have doors which are at 90 degrees to one another.  I was coming out of the laundry and my son was playing with the living room door and I tried to close the Laundry door but it was stuck so I pulled it harder.  Not realising of course the reason it was stuck was that his hand was in it.  I turned to look at him and he was silently screaming and then a huge wail came out followed by a massive nosebleed.  His poor fingers! I thought I had broken them, they looked so terrible, I felt like a dreadful parent and I carried him and cuddled him for the longest time while I carefully checked his hand which he kept cradling against his chest for the better part of the day.  But he was using his hand later, so I figured it wasn't broken.

Then this week, I was trying to get the kids in the car, and I was strapping my daughter in the back seat and my son was playing with the front door and so I closed the car door, and his fingers were in the gap between the doors and go trapped in the tiny 3-4mm gap that was left once the door was closed.  OMG, I thought I had amputated his fingers!  I quickly opened the door and it was the same hand, same fingers, poor baby.  Hubby admonished me severely and I snapped at him because I already felt bad, it had never happened like that before and telling me to be more vigilant isn't very useful now that the event is over!

My poor son, he will never be a concert pianist, and it will be all my fault.  His poor little fingers.

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