Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Things I wish I could fix about my son

There are some things that Julian does which I have no idea how to fix or stop:

Bleeding nose at night

The blood stained sheets and pillows, the dried blood all over his face and hands... GAH!  My mattresses and pillow all have blood stains on them and it drives me nuts.  I do have mattress protectors but stripping the bed every night to soak and wash sheets (especially in the middle of the night) just does my head in.  I have started putting cream/Vaseline in his nose to see if I can keep it moisturised and prevent more episodes, but if he is picking his nose at night... how do you stop that???  Very frustrating

Slipping his arms out of his seatbelt

Slipping his arms out of his seatbelt no matter how tight I put his seat belt is another irritating thing.  If only the harness clip was higher on his chest, then he wouldn't be able to get it out.  I tried tying it near his neck but he pulls that down and still slips his arms out, and he can lean forward to the chair in front and touch his head to it.  If the cops ever pull me over, I will be in big trouble.

Climbing, touching things, rolling the blinds down

This must just be naughty boy behaviour because my daughter never did it.  I keep trying to make him stop by taking him away and constantly telling him not to climb/touch it but he still does it.  Everyone says it's because he is spoilt and undisciplined.  But Erika would not touch things after being told, why won't he?  Even smacking doesn't work.  All I can do is continue to stop him from doing it and being consistent I guess.  But it is so hard when there don't seem to be results.

Waking up at 530am 
I am lucky that I get up early, so this doesn't bother me so much, but hubby is not an early person.  Going to sleep really late gets him up at 6am but I don't like him sleeping so late.  I like my kids going to bed between 730-830pm.  But he is a little alarm clock, most days he is up at 515am but he can sometimes be in bed till 6am if I'm lucky.  Not sure how to fix it though.  At least he knows that once it's 6am it's time to get out of his room

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