Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Julian at 14 months, Erika at 2 and 3/4

Erika has lately started sleeping with the blanket around her.  It's cute, now she likes to have a pillow and her blanket and she does it all on her own.  Another great thing is that she has stopped weeing at night!  I started giving her milk at night, sometimes even quite late and she's still not weeing.  So she has gone almost a week now with no nappy at night.  What a clever girl!

Julian has been quite cheeky, for the last month he has been pulling out one of the drawers on the coffee table and using that to step up onto the coffee table.  He likes standing and dancing on  my glass table.  The other day he also did a clapping hands motion, which could be the signal for toilet poopoo-weewee so I took him to the toilet and he urinated in the potty.  Hubby was so impressed, but I don't think he was really understanding or communicating.  Though he does understand when I tell him not to touch the Christmas tree, though he can't help himself, he keeps wanting to pull the decorations and balls off the tree.

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